There are many great reasons to purchase a Hot Tub. Other than stress and pain relief, hot tubs provide a place where families can spend quality time together. Many parents have even said that their hot tub is the one place where they can have quality conversations with their kids. The number of brands, products, features, and options available, choosing the right hot tub can be an overwhelming process. To help make the shopping process less stressful, below are several key tips on how to buy a hot tub

Size: Spa size is typically affected by the available space for the hot tub in your desired location, and by the number of people you want your hot tub to hold.

Comfort: The comfort of the hot tub’s seating is very important. To ensure that your comfort level is met, be sure to sit in the spa before purchasing. It’s also highly recommended that you “wet test” the spa; this will give you the best indication of how comfortable it is for you and other intended users.

Hydrotherapy: This area is highly subjective. Some people want a powerful hydro massage experience while others intend to use their hot tub primarily for soaking. If you’re looking to maximize your hydro massage experience, consider the types of jets and the jet placement. Don’t be fooled by jet count alone. What’s more important is jet variety and how the jets are positioned within the seats/lounges throughout the spa.

Air Jet System: Many hot tubs feature an air jet system that produces air bubbles from fittings throughout the spa to provide a very gentle soft–tissue massage. While this isn’t an essential feature, many people enjoy the sensation it provides.

Installing Inside: If you install your tub indoors, then your biggest concern is ventilating all of the moisture given off by the tub, and you obviously need proper drainage.

Installing Outside: The closer it is to your home, the lower your installation costs. Those electric wires that run from your home out to your hot tub’s electrical panel are expensive, so the closer the better, not to mention the labor involved if you have to dig a trench across or under who knows what to bury electrical cables.

Insulation: Proper insulation is a major factor in keeping your power bills down. Make sure the entire inner side of the shell is sprayed with foam insulation at least 33 mm thick/2.5 inches (standard). 100 mm is even better. You can check that by unscrewing the skirting panels surrounding your tub’s shell.

Many hot tubs come with optional features such as simple water care systems, in-spa audio, and remote spa operation. These are designed to enhance your spa experience and make taking care of it easier.

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  1. Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii. I was sure they would not be strong enough to make me like them as much as a jet. I am thrilled to have been wrong. The bubbles are shockingly strong and provide a full body massage. You can also learn various ways to sit that let them hit your back in specific places. I actually have come to like the air bubbles more than jets because it gives you the same benefit without any beating that can happen with strong jets.

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