Battery powered chainsaws are ideal for use some distance from a power source. There’s no cord to limit movement and they’re lighter than petrol models, making them easier to carry around. They generally match the power of corded types, though are less powerful than petrol and so suit smaller jobs. They’re quiet so good if using in a busy residential area, and require little maintenance – ideal if using once or twice a year. Working from a battery, they only have a certain period of charge and so it can be worth investing in a spare battery to prevent unwelcome breaks.

Using an electric saw is also practical and comfortable, since the vibrations are smaller and it is less noisy. And you don’t have to worry about fumes and emissions.

For electric saws, consider amperages. An electric motor’s amp rating describes how much power it can handle before internals may start to break down. Saws with a 14-amp rating are more than suitable for most home uses. The battery’s ampere hour (Ah) or amp rating goes hand-in-hand with its voltage. This measures the electric charge and dictates the capacity of the battery supplied. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery will run for.

A 14- to 18-inch-long bar saw is an excellent meet-in-the-middle size that can handle most DIY-type jobs. They can fell small trees, buck large branches, and cut firewood without much issue. These bars also are easy to find if they need to be replaced.

Corded electric saws and battery-powered saws are often the lightest chainsaws on the market. They don’t require a full tank of fuel mix, and their motors are smaller, so they are lighter weight and easier to use in a variety of scenarios.

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