Choosing the right snow blower can be a daunting task. You’ll see a huge selection of single, two and three stage models in varying widths and with a dizzying array of features.  When deciding whether to buy one, consider how much snow you get in an average winter and how big an area you need to clean.

Single-stage snow blowers for smaller areas

For clearing driveways and narrow walkways from new snow, a single-stage snow blower will serve you well. Husqvarna’s 100-series snow blowers with their compact size are user-friendly and make transportation and storage easy.

Two-stage throwers for heavy snow and larger spaces

The two-stage models are the most effective for clearing heavy and packed snow. Two-stage means that the snow moves through the machine in two steps; first through the auger screw before being discharged through the chute by an impeller fan. The two-stage models also have powered wheels.


This type of snow blower is the strongest and toughest. It can clear over 20 inches of wet, heavy snow and chop up the ice chunks like nothing. While these machines are expensive, if you live in a climate that receives a lot of heavy snowfalls, this one is for you.

electric snow blower. 

Is recommended for smaller properties. It can work well for removing snow from patios, walkways, and other paved surfaces. It’s a nice option for areas that receive light snow.

cordless snow blower. 

Runs on a high-voltage battery. It’s a light unit that can handle various types of snowfall on smaller properties and there are no maintenance costs. Cordless and electric snow blowers are less expensive and are nice alternatives if you don’t want to shovel.

Here’s a list of features that can be found on the different types of snow blowers.

  • Electric start. Instead of pulling on a cord numerous times, simply plug it in and push the start button.
  • Skid shoes. Skid shoes protect your concrete from damage as the unit goes across your driveway or sidewalk. They also eliminate the annoying rust stains that appear on your garage floor because of melting snow.
  • Speed controls.  Allow you to operate the snow blower at a pace that’s comfortable for you.
  • Power steering. A heavy snow blower trying to cut through a lot of snow can be difficult to maneuver. Power steering allows you to turn it with ease.
  • For more comfortable operation when the temperatures are really low, choose a snow thrower with heated handles.

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