Reduce the time and effort needed to keep your hedges in great shape with a hedge trimmer. The latest models are lighter in weight, easier to manoeuvre and more convenient than their predecessors and there are different models to suit different sized gardens and hedges. Well-trimmed hedges encourage healthy growth, provide a tidy border for your garden and can add structure or even a little fun to a garden design. Choosing the right tool to achieve this is about finding the right balance between the size of your garden, the type of hedge and your comfort.

Type of Hedge Trimmer

Electric: The most cost-effective choice, electric hedge trimmers are light-weight and quiet. They don’t have the limited run time between chargers that cordless trimmers suffer from. As well as being the least expensive type of trimmer to buy, there shouldn’t be any expensive ongoing maintenance.

Gas-powered trimmers are ideal for large jobs. They offer the largest range of motion as well as the longest operating cycle of the different categories. They cut faster than electric trimmers, and are more powerful than the corded and cordless electric trimmers as well. It may seem like a no-brainer to opt for the gas-powered trimmers then, but there are certainly some downfalls to the gasoline models. They are often louder and heavier than electric trimmers. They are also generally more expensive. If you are hesitant about mixing oil and gas to operate your outdoor power tools, the gasoline-powered hedge trimmers will not be ideal as they require two-cycle gas.

Cordless hedge trimmers are robust, quiet, and almost vibration-free. A cordless trimmer is more convenient than the corded type – you won’t have to worry about straying too far away from the power outlet, or cutting through the power cord. Untangling power cords will be a thing of the past.

Like a corded trimmer, a cordless hedge trimmer will start immediately, even if it hasn’t been used for a while. If you live in an area with strict noise or emission regulations, a cordless hedge trimmer may be ideal for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hedge Trimmers


Hedge trimmers are powerful tools, but the amount of power you can wield with a trimmer varies by product. The main indicator of power is the power source. Gas hedge trimmers will bring a higher level of power to hedge trimming than electric models. But electric models offer a variety of power levels as well. Those with a high voltage can tackle harder jobs faster than some of the more affordable models that come at a lower voltage.


In general, a longer blade will ​complete your trimming job faster. However, a longer blade also implies more weight & more fatigue for you, so the best length for your needs is a trade-off. Also, a longer blade can be unwieldy if you have a small hedge or a complex shape to cut. Most hedge trimmers on the market today have double-sided blades – this makes the trimmer more versatile, and better for intricate work such as shaping, but is slightly heavier than a single-sided blade.


A hedge trimmer’s weight has a big impact on its ease of use. Heavy hedge trimmers are harder to hold aloft and can wear even experienced users out quickly, but they tend to be more powerful. Lighter models will be much easier and safer to use in general, particularly for anyone new to using a hedge trimmer.

Handle type

The type of handle on your hedge trimmer will determine how comfortable it is to use. Look for wraparound handles and/or those which rotate to help you to hold the trimmer at an angle that is both comfortable for you and offers efficient cutting. The more options your handle offers, the easier it will be to use.

Safety switches

Dual and triple safety switches are the safest way to prevent accidental start-ups of hedge trimmers – and a vital precaution with electric models. It’s important to remember that your tool will need to be stored somewhere safe both during breaks whilst working and between uses. 


Vibration, handles and balance are the 3 main factors affecting operator comfort. You should look for a trimmer that has two handles, preferably with multiple power switches to allow you to use the trimmer in different orientations.

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