Garden Soaker Hose: It is a type of hose that is typically made out of recycled material. The hose is designed with small holes through the rubber, which allows water to get to the roots of the plants in your garden more quickly. This also protects the leaves of the plant and keep them from getting wet, which is ideal for more sensitive plants.

There are different soaker hoses that can do this according to your preference. And since there are so many options in the market to choose from, there are few things that you should always put in mind before buying a soaker hose for your backyard or garden.


It’s important to concentrate on the materials used to build the soaker holes. Recycled tires and rubber are commonly used since they are durable and long-lasting. The aim is to find something that can withstand the elements while still being able to manage mulch and soil.

Often used are vinyl and polyurethane. They’re usually food-grade, which means you’re not pouring lead or other harmful chemicals on your vegetables. It’s also UV-resistant and ozone-resistant.


The length of your hose should be sufficient to cover all of the plants. Hoses are typically designed to attach to other hoses of the same brand. You can buy two or three soaker hoses and connect them all this way.

Pressure Rating

The optimal pressure for drip irrigation is about 10 PSI because you want the water to seep out of the hose instead of sprinkling. A good soaker hose should be able to handle more pressure than this so that it does not end up bursting and flooding your garden or damaging your crops.


When installing your soaker hose, it is difficult to avoid twisting or bending it to fit your garden landscape. To avoid any damages that can be caused by this, the product you buy should be flexible enough to handle all the bends and twists it will experience.


The overall design of the soaker hose also matters. You will need to consider whether to go for a flat or round soaker hose. While both can still provide efficient watering, the flat types offer more aesthetic appeal. They will also direct water to a particular point more precisely as they only have holes on one side. The round soaker hose types, on the other hand, are great when you want something more heavy-duty or when you want to bury the hose under mulch or soil.


This an important factor in all products as this can make or break its overall performance. To know if the product you intend on buying is durable, check to see what materials are used in making it. UV-resistance is also an important feature for a soaker hose to have since it will be used outdoor, and it will be subjected to long sun exposure. This can easily damage it if it doesn’t have any resistance to UV rays.

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