If you have a garden or field, you must have at least used a shovel at least once. If you have used more than one type of shovel, you’ll know there is a huge difference in terms of durability, performance, and comfort. This is where the tricky part comes. Choosing the right and the best shovel that suits you and your work is hard because there are thousands of products in the market. They all have different attributes.

Types of Shovel Blades

Open Back Shovels

An affordable option, open back shovel blades are stamped into shape and provide a low weight at a low price, making it a popular choice to outfit your whole crew!.

Closed Back Shovels

Considered a mid-range shovel construction, closed back blades have a flat (closed) back due to the addition of an extra welded plate. This plate adds strength and rigidity while providing a flat, smooth surface that prevents added weight due to soil buildup.

Forged Shovels

The workhorse of all shovels! A forged blade is formed from a single piece of steel under great pressure, resulting in the strongest and thickest sockets, shanks and blades! The forging process provides varying steel thickness not possible by the stamping process. These blades offer increased thickness at critical stress areas, then thinning toward the edge for soil cutting performance!.

Types of Blade Shapes

Square Point

These shovels are ideal for scraping-up soil, debris, gravel, sawdust, etc. from a hard surface, as well as moving piles of soil, gravel, stone and other loose material. They are available with a 48″ long handle or 30″ D-grip handle. 

Round Point

These shovels are good for general digging, plantings, moving piles of soil, gravel, stone, etc. The shovels are available with either a 48″ long handle or 30″ D-grip handle. 

Shovel Lift

Low-Lift Tools

Low-lift shovels include caprock shovels and certain round point shovels. A more vertical digging angle is best served when digging out plant material, dividing perennials, or redefining landscape bed edges.

High-Lift Tools

In this group are most square point shovels and some round point shovels. These tools are at their best when used to load or spread materials or to clean out trenches or planting holes. The high lift angle allows the user to stand more upright, with less strain on the back.


The grip of a shovel is the uppermost part, which is attached to the shaft. It can take the form of a wooden, plastic, or metal handle, but often there may be no handle at all, and you can use the shovel by holding onto the top part of the shaft. If the shovel shaft is made from fiberglass, then a grip handle will be attached to help prevent splinters. A D-shaped handle is common amongst shorter shovels and digging shovels, which help to increase grip.


The shaft of a shovel is the long ‘pole’ like part of these tools, and it is used as leverage when operating your shovel. They are usually made from wood, fiberglass, or metal. All of these materials have pros and cons in terms of shovel use and durability, and the type you want to choose may come down to personal preference or budget. Metal shafts tend to be the strongest and most long-lasting, but wooden shafts are usually more ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing and are more popular with traditionalists. The length of a shovel shaft can vary, and the height of your shovel should be matched to your own height so that it is comfortable to use.

Qoobies Top Pick’s

Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel, 48 in.Handle, 16 ga.

AMES 2535600 Tempered Steel Digging Shovel with Hardwood Handle, 60-Inch

Fiskars 397960-1001 PRO Shovel, Digging, 44 Inch, Silver

True Temper 2585600 Round Point Forged Shovel with Hardwood Handle and Comfort Step, 57-Inch

Truper 31198 Tru Pro Round Point Shovel, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 48-Inch

Ashman Round Shovel – The Round Shovel has a D Handle Grip with 41 Inches Long Shaft – Heavy Duty Blade Weighing 2.2 pounds

Bully Tools 82510 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

Radius Garden 25202 Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Shovel, Green

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